Replenish and Re-boot on a Retreat in Bali

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Step out of your cubicle, get away from the rushed rat race and dive into magical Bali and your inner sanctuary.


If you’ve been trying to be everything to everyone and putting yourself last…

If you’ve been plugged into work and the world but disconnected from yourself…


If you’ve craved soulful solace and nature’s rhythm...

If you’ve dreamed of being energized and effortlessly glowing with health...

If you’re ready to feel connected to yourself and to others on the same path...


Then put down that extra weight you've been carrying, recharge in Bali and lighten up!



Join us on a 6 Day Retreat in Pristine Bali!

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What magic is in store for you?


Basking in the peace from the gift of ample time and space for yourSelf

Tuning into nature’s rhythm and the Balinese culture and lifestyle

Relishing in your inner sanctuary with daily meditations

Tapping into your soul’s deep wisdom


What’s included:

  • 6 Days /5 Nights in Balinese bungalows situated in the pristine landscape of rice terraces
  • Daily teachings and group practices in meditation and mindfulness
  • Gentle daily movement with yoga and Qi-Gong
  • Balinese- style massage
  • Personal time for reflection, journaling and nature walks
  • A visit to the holiest temple in Bali
  • 3 healthy, nourishing meals/ day
  • Detox from tech- no TV, phones, internet on site




"Stephanie is an absolute master at meditation."

Stephanie is an absolute master in meditation. I have had the pleasure of having several private sessions with her, and her Theta meditation style is one of the deepest I have ever experienced in guided energetic sessions (and I’ve had many!). We cleared A LOT, and she helped me connect the dots to old energies from childhood that are limiting my present growth and happiness. She is also a teacher in my company the FeelTank, an online conscious classroom. I had to ask her to be a teacher as I’ve experienced her work and gifts first hand. With our tech platform she is now reaching many with her guided meditations and I am so grateful to know her, and call her a friend!
— Kara Dake, Founder at the Feminine Intelligence